Cannabis needs 3 things to grow:

Light, Air, and Nutrients.

The first two are easy,
nutrients should be too.

This is what Reefertilizer was made for.

Start is an organic compost containing a living fungus that will grow with, protect, and improve the root system.

It can be easily added to your soil or soilless growing mediums.

Grow and Bloom are 2 powerful fertilizers designed for the vegetative and flowering stages of cannabis growth.

Both are easy to use water soluble powders that contain the essential primary, secondary, and micro nutrients that cannabis needs to thrive.

More Than Just a Cannabis Fertilizer

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Check Out Our Amazing Line Of Cannabis Nutrients

Reefertilizer Start Cannabis soil conditioner

Organic Soil Conditioner

Contains 100% Organic Materials
Improves Root Nutrient Absorption
Enhances Soil Quality

Reefertilizer Grow Vegetative Cannabis Fertilizer

Simple Growth Fertilizer

Best Value On the Market
All-In-One Micro & Macro Nutrients
Promotes Fast Growth

Reefertilizer Bloom Flowering Cannabis Fertilizer

Fortified Bloom Nutrients

Enhanced With Cal Mag
Boosts Terpene Production
pH Neutral Powder

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