Reefertilizer is a three step marijuana fertilizer system designed for beginner and advanced growers alike. What our product accomplishes is a streamlined process of feeding your plants the optimum fertilizers and nutrients specifically for cannabis. We source the highest quality fertilizers from Canadian suppliers, and create a custom mix designed for all stages of a cannabis plants growth. Guaranteed to produce a great crop when used as instructed.

Not all fertilizers are the same, and this is a common mistake among beginner growers that could potentially ruin your crop and frustrate you. We want to take the guessing game out of choosing marijuana fertilizers and nutrients, and provide a clear path to large bountiful marijuana plants. By following our simple three step system, anyone can grow marijuana at home. Marijuana is a versatile plant and we want to make it easier for you to grow your own.

With the legalization of a harmless plant finally coming to fruition, we want to give people the tools to grow it themselves. We want to help our customers learn about growing this plant by simplifying marijuana fertilizer use. Marijuana fertilizer is crucial to the success of your crop, and knowing about how nitrogen, phospahte, potassium, and micro-nutrients affect the plant, you can become a very successful grower. The Reefertilizer system makes this possible.

We are dedicated to the art and skill of growing marijuana. We believe that our customer feedback is the most important thing to the development of our product. By sharing our knowledge, as well as yours, we can work together to grow a high quality plant suited for personal and medical use. If you’re a grower, feel free to ask us for a sample of our product so you can test it out yourself. Just don’t forget to send us the results!

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For a limited time, all three of our marijuana fertilizer and nutrients are being offered as a bundle deal. Get all three of our products and start growing your own marijuana today! When you order our Trio Combo, you will receive a package of each of our products Start, marijuana nutrients for clones and sprouts. Grow, marijuana fertilizer for vegging growing plants. And Bloom, marijuana fertilizer for the promotion of flowering.


Hi there. I’ve been using another fertilizer for some time and I’m looking for something that might suit me a bit better.

Reefertilizer was made for simplicity. A successful grow may be done with just the 3 products. They can be used in conjunction with other fertilizers, but we recommend experimenting with test plants first. If you would like to request a sample, you may do so through our contact form. Samples are free but we do charge a small shipping fee.
One sample pack is good for testing one small plant.


Is Reefertilizer organic?

Our Start soil nutrients are organic. Grow and Bloom are chemical fertilizers containing chelated elements that are soluble in water. Chemical fertilizers make essential nutrients available to the plants much faster than organic. Chemical fertilizers must be flushed from the soil prior to harvest.


Can this can be used both as a soil amendment and a water soluble fertilizer?

Our start product is a organic soil amendment, it is not designed to be used for hydroponic grows.
Our Grow and Bloom products are both water soluble chemical fertilizers, they are not organic.
Grow and Bloom are not slow release fertilizers, adding it directly to the soil might not meet your expectations.


How much fertilizer should I feed my plants?

For a soil grow watering once a week, it’s good to begin with a low dosage when the plants are young. 1 scoop of Grow in 4 litres of water is a good start for the first week. Once the plant is larger you can starting adding more Grow to your water. Up to 2 scoops for every 4 Liters of water.
For the Bloom stage you can use 1-2 scoops for every 4 litres of water. When your 3-4 weeks away from harvest, the plants soil should be flushed of excess nutrients. This improves the taste of the bud. Leaching the soil can be done with plain water or 1/2 scoop of Bloom or Grow in 4 litres of water.
Depending on the size of your planter and how often you water your plants, these dosages may vary.


How long does a bag last?

1 bag of grow or bloom contains enough fertilizer for approximately 160 Litres (40 gallons) of water.
This amounts to roughly 40 applications for a garden of 4 plants.
Our Start product contains enough applications for 80 Litres (20 gallons) of soil.


Will Reefertilizer work with my hydroponic setup?

Grow and Bloom will both work in a hydroponic or aeroponic system. You may add the appropriate amounts to your reservoir.


Will I have to adjust pH?

Depending on your water source, Reefertilizer will affect your pH slightly. You should test the pH of your water at every feeding. Make sure it’s in the 6 to 6.5 pH range for soil grows. 5.5 to 6 pH for hydroponic grows.


Do you by chance offer any samples?

We do offer samples of all three of our products, you can order one here. There is a small charge for shipping.


I normally use a liquid fertilizer, what makes powder fertilizer different?

Both have their pros and cons of course. Both types will need to be pre mixed with a small amount of water before being added to your larger water vessel. Mixing a few ounces of warm water with your powder fertilizer will help it dissolve quickly.
Powder fertilizers need to be stored in an air tight container. Our bags have a high quality resealable strip, and are air tight when sealed securely.
Chemical powder fertilizers can contain higher ratios of NPK which means a little can go a long way, but if not used carefully could harm your plants. Also flushing before harvest is necessary.


Do you offer larger quantity bags?

We only offer the sizes we have online. We do offer a discount on larger orders. If you’re looking for large buckets for a commercial or medical grow, please contact us for a quote.

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Our Marijuana Fertilizers and Nutrients

Reefertilizer Start Cannabis Soil Nutrients

Start your clones and sprouts off right with our special formulation of nutrients and mycorrhizae. A 100% organic product, and when mixed with potting soil it will help your roots hold moisture and increase the plants ability to take on nutrients from the soil. This is the start phase of our 3 step process, and prepares the plants roots system to utilize our other fertilizers in the second and third step.

Reefertilizer Grow Stage Marijuana Fertilizer

In step two of our marijuana growing process, the plant is growing larger and more lush. The right marijuana fertilizer is crucial at this stage in the plants development. Our Grow formula contains plenty of nitrogen which is the main component in chlorophyll, and aids in photosynthesis.

Bloom Marijuana Fertilizer and Nutrients

In the final stage of growing marijuana, the plant uses it’s energy to produce fruit (buds). Bloom marijuana fertilizer contains micro-nutrients and a high level of phosphorus. When you lighting schedule changes and you want your plants to bloom, phosphorus will help your plant turn light energy into chemical energy and promotes blooming.

“The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.”
-Thomas Jefferson