What are terpenes and how do I maximize them in my grow?

Terpene is a word that's been popping up more and more often at cannabis dispensaries. But what exactly are they, and how do they affect me and you. The simplest answer? Terpenes are what gives cannabis it's signature smells and flavours. When people say that an indica produces a couch lock high, and sativa produces an energetic high, this all has to do with the different terpenes found in the plant. These terpenes are believed to do more than just influence the smell and taste of cannabis. Terpenes in cannabis can also affect your high. When people say that an indica produces a couch lock high, and sativa produces an energetic high, this all has to do with the different terpenes found in the plant. What are terpenes? Terpenes are essential oils released by the cannabis plant, and there are over a hundred different types. Each one can have a Continue reading »

What’s the difference between powder fertilizers and liquid?

When entering a gardening center for the first time, the selection of cannabis fertilizers has always been intimidating. With such a variety of different products, it can be difficult to narrow down the best option for your grow. Every grower wants to be completely certain of the content of the nutrients they're feeding their marijauan plants. One question that keeps coming up is "What's the difference between a powder cannabis fertilizer and a liquid fertilizer?". Besides the obvious difference between a solid and a liquid, the differences can be hard to ascertain from only reading the labels on products. While some growers are quick to say one is better than the other, experienced growers know that there's a time and place for each. Let's compare liquid cannabis fertilizers to powder ones. This way we can make a more informed decision on what nutrients to buy. Two Part Fertilizers Many liquid Continue reading »

Choosing the Best Marijuana Bloom Nutrients

There’s nothing quite like watching a plant you’ve cultivated with your own two hands grow inch-by-inch into its glorious maturity. That’s why farmers are some of the calmest, most at-ease people you could ever hope to meet – and cannabis growers are probably doubly so. How do you choose a Cannabis Blooming Fertilizer While all stages of marijuana growth require special attention, the most delicate and important stage is flowering. At this point, the plant is more-or-less fully grown. Its full maturity is approaching, at which point it will be ripe and ready for harvest. An exciting time indeed. The Flowering Stage To ensure all goes well at this stage, here’s what you need to do. Firstly, you should consider the fact that the first two to three weeks of flowering will resemble patterns of the grow stage. Not all popular strains favored by growers will behave the same. Some

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Best Online Resources for Learning More about Cannabis

Whether you’ve never grown cannabis before, or you’re a master grower, there’s always plenty more to learn. There are many online resources where you can find ways to improve your grow by learning from others. There are many striving online communities discussing all aspects of cannabis culture and cultivation. We’ve personally used these resources to develop our products and services. You may find many of them helpful yourself. We wanted to put together a little list of places you can visit to help fuel your learning about the cannabis plant. Cannabis Life Network CLN is an amazing blog based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Their website contains many articles on all sorts of topics about the cannabis lifestyle and industry. It’s an amazing source for learning about what’s happening in the cannabis scene, with a spotlight on Canada. They also have a very good youtube channel covering those same topics.

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How to Identify the Gender of Cannabis

For a grower, it is essential to know how to identify the gender of cannabis. Only the female plants develop buds. Nurturing male plants may be a waste as they are not of much benefit unless you aim to produce seeds. In case you are new to growing and are wondering “what gender is my cannabis?”, below we explore various ways on how to identify cannabis plant gender. A cannabis plant goes through two main stages of life. These are the vegetative and flowering stages. In the initial phase, you can’t tell what gender the plant is. However, at about six weeks, the plants start showing signs of flowering and pre-flowers form at the joints. It is at this stage that marijuana will form pollen sacs or buds. With time, the females develop pistils while the males form clusters of pollen sacs. To identify if the plants are male or

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The 411 on Cannabis Seed Germination

Cannabis seed germination can be a pretty sticky subject in some regions. In the United Kingdom for example, buying as many cannabis seeds as you like is perfectly legal, but germinate even one of them and you could be spending the next few years behind bars! Still, for those lucky enough to live in regions where cannabis cultivation has been legalised, germination can be the most exciting part of the entire process.  Watching your seeds burst into life and dreaming of what’s to come. That is of course, assuming you get the job done right! The Basics of Cannabis Seed Germination First and foremost, it’s worth pointing out that the germination process remains exactly the same, irrespective of seed type. From auto-flowering seeds to feminised seeds and so on and so forth, don’t believe the hype if anyone tells you different seeds need different approaches to germination. They don’t! Cannabis

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How do I Fix Over Fertilized Marijuana Plants

Two of the biggest beginner mistakes that happen when growing marijuana for the first time are over watering and over fertilizing. In this article we will be going over the symptoms and cures for over fertilized marijuana plants. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, or to even throw your plants out over. A little bit of knowledge on the subject will help prevent killing your plants with too much marijuana fertilizer. Of course the best way to prevent over fertilized plants is to have a simple and easy to follow fertilizer feeding schedule When I had my first grow, I grew from seeds I found online through Crop King Seeds. When the first sprouts appeared, I was very excited. They grew rather quickly too, which meant the strain of white widow I had was very good. I wanted the best for my little marijuana plants so I decided they were

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Best Soil Mix for Your Grow

Marijuana is a resilient weed that can grow almost anywhere in the world. Outside factors have a major impact on how well a marijuana plant will succeed. A healthy productive plant is the ultimate goal to all marijuana growers. Having good soil is crucial for the cultivation of a productive marijuana plant indoor or outdoors. The best soil mix for marijuana is made up of living and dead organic material, many mineral particles, all incorporated with air and water. The soil is where your roots breathe and feed on air and nutrients. When attempting to grow your own marijuana plants it’s is good to have an understanding of what separates good marijuana soil from bad marijuana soil. Major factors like texture, pH and nutrient content govern the ability for your roots to grow and retain nutrients from the soil. Soil Texture A good soil starts with the right texture. The

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Top 3 Beginner Mistakes Growing Cannabis

More often than not, beginners will mess things around before finally learning how to do things the right way. Growing marijuana is no different and it takes patience and practice to perfect the skills necessary for a successful grow. There are some common mistakes that growers encounter that may lead to disappointment in the long run. Let’s go over the three most common beginner mistakes when growing cannabis. Old or Mystery Marijuana Seeds Using old seeds or mystery seeds to grow a new plant is not advisable. You may likely end up with a dud if it’s too old, seeds have a shelf life of a year or two, and only if they are stored correctly. An old seed which is not viable cannot grow even when given the best environment to do so. Old seeds may take long to sprout or not sprout at all. With a mystery seed

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The Importance of Nitrogen for Marijuana Plants

Vegetative marijuana loves nitrogen and will absorb it quite quickly. More nitrogen is needed by the plant during it’s vegetative stage, and a balanced amount is required throughout the plants life cycle. Nitrogen is easily washed away with water and must be applied regularly. Too much nitrogen in a harvested plant will cause it to burn poorly. Nitrogen regulates a marijuana plants ability to build proteins essential for the creation of new cells and is essential for production of chlorophyll, amino acids, enzymes, alkaloids and nucleic acid. It’s major purpose is for leaf and stem growth as well as the plants overall size and vigor. Nitrogen is the most common nutrient deficiency when growing marijuana. Symptoms of this deficiency are slower growth and lower older leaves start to turn yellow because they can’t produce chlorophyll. Nitrogen is very mobile and dissipates quickly into the environment,  and it must be added

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