Reefertilizer Cannabis Nutrients Are Designed To Simplify Growing Cannabis at Home.

Reefertilizer® Start provides the essential components for a healthy living soil.


Beneficial Micro Organisms

Contains Mycorrhizal Spores

Made From Fully Renewable Organic Sources

Reefertilizer® Grow Is An All-In-One Fertilizer Blend Designed For Cannabis Growth


Full-Spectrum Growth Nutrients In One Bag

Easy To Measure, Mix, and Feed

Made In Canada

Reefertilizer® Bloom Provides A Blend of Nutrients Tailored To Cannabis Flowering.


Benefits Terpene Production

Free From Plant Hormones

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All you’ll need from seed to flower for only $64.95

Grows 4 to 8 Plants
Simple to Use
Less Waste
Full Grow Support

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Basic Plant Maintenance
How To Maximize Yield

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Customer Reviews

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    Randy Charbot (verified owner)

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Chris Lalonde (verified owner)

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    Chris Lalonde (verified owner)

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    Chris Lalonde (verified owner)

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    Chris Lalonde (verified owner)

    Its perfect in every way easy to use store and from beginners to professional and saves huge space with useing 3 pkgs rather than the others that you need 15 different fertilizer liquids the end results from using this product is top notch keep up the good work guys i will be a repeat customer and i have others trying this too and they are very happy awesome all around

    Step by Step Cannabis Growing System - Start + Grow + BloomStep by Step Cannabis Growing System – Start + Grow + Bloom

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    Tabitha (verified owner)

    It’s amazing and does what its suppose to!

    Marijuana Grow FertilizerMarijuana Grow Fertilizer

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    mike B. (verified owner)

    This Bloom gives you a great yield and flushes out very quickly.

    Marijuana Bloom FertilizerMarijuana Bloom Fertilizer

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    mike B. (verified owner)

    I seem to veg a little longer than most and I get huge results with the Grow formula!

    Marijuana Grow FertilizerMarijuana Grow Fertilizer

  10. Avatar

    mike B. (verified owner)

    Growing good weed should not be hard, I Started out with no Idea what I was doing and immediately got awesome results. I will not ever bother with any other nutrients after comparing my results with everyone I know! And It lasts forever, I am on my 3rd harvest of 4 plants and I have pleanty left! If you are on the fence, get off and grow some awesome weed!

    Powder Cannabis Fertilizer Bundle Grow + BloomPowder Cannabis Fertilizer Bundle Grow + Bloom

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