Reefertilizer Cannabis Nutrients Are Designed To Simplify Growing Cannabis at Home.

Reefertilizer® Start provides the essential components for a healthy living soil.


Beneficial Micro Organisms

Contains Mycorrhizal Spores

Made From Fully Renewable Organic Sources

Reefertilizer® Grow Is An All-In-One Fertilizer Blend Designed For Cannabis Growth


Full-Spectrum Growth Nutrients In One Bag

Easy To Measure, Mix, and Feed

Made In Canada

Reefertilizer® Bloom Provides A Blend of Nutrients Tailored To Cannabis Flowering.


Benefits Terpene Production

Free From Plant Hormones

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All you’ll need from seed to flower for only $64.95

Grows 4 to 8 Plants
Simple to Use
Less Waste
Full Grow Support

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Customer Reviews

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    DAVID (verified owner)

  2. Avatar

    DAVID (verified owner)

    have only been using for two-three weeks and the plants have responded well

    Powder Cannabis Fertilizer Bundle Grow + BloomPowder Cannabis Fertilizer Bundle Grow + Bloom

  3. Avatar

    Douglas Silva (verified owner)

    Working great. My plants look very happy

    Marijuana Grow FertilizerMarijuana Grow Fertilizer

  4. Avatar

    Chris Downey (verified owner)

    So far not so good. To start it took 5 minutes of digging around in the bag to find the measuring scoop included (not the end of the world, but having it attached to the outside of the bag would have been more convenient). I’ve noticed in the GROW formula, that the calcium nitrate pellets have mostly settled to the bottom of the bag, making for an inaccurate NPK ratio, causing a heavy nitrogen deficiency in my plants, to which I supplemented with calcium Ammonium nitrate. I feel using powdered calcium nitrate would have been a better option to help keep NPK ratios proper. Everything else seems to be in check tho… will continue to use for this grow, just watching the nitrate levels a little closer.

    Marijuana Grow FertilizerMarijuana Grow Fertilizer

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    Ronald Victor (verified owner)

    I have another Bakerstreet Indica plant under way and it’s now 57 days old. It’s in a 1.75 Gallon pot and is under a FLUVAL 6500K Plant Spectrum LED System. I administer 1 litre of water with one teaspoon of the Grow Compound once a week. The leaves on the plant actually start to stand up at around 07:00 PM every night and stay that way until 06:00 AM the next morning. I read an article that said that this means the plant likes what is being done. I did see “Clawing” on the Fan Leaves so last week I flushed the plant with straight water (Ph level 6) and it’s been doing well. I resumed the watering once again this morning after 7 days with one litre of water mixed with one teaspoon of Grow Compound and the plant looks good. I have provided two photos for your assessment.

    Marijuana Grow FertilizerMarijuana Grow Fertilizer

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Ronald Victor
    Image #2 from Ronald Victor
  6. Avatar

    Ronald Victor (verified owner)

    I used the Start, following the directions to the letter on a Bakerstreet Indica seedling immediately after the very successful germination. Something has gone wrong as the seedling is now 22 days old and appears to be stunted. I’m
    Trying to nurse it back to health but it should be a lot bigger. The Cotyledons weren’t right from the start but I’ve managed to keep it going. The leaves are a good colour and the stalk looks good. I don’t know what went wrong with this one but I’ll keep it going. I’ve provided a picture for your assessment.

    Start Soil Conditioner With MycorrhizaeStart Soil Conditioner With Mycorrhizae

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Ronald Victor
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    Ronald Victor (verified owner)

  8. Avatar

    Justin Skjonsberg (verified owner)

    They do not send out the pots and will not reply to emails about this. Be aware. You’re probably better off to shop elsewhere if you actually want to receive your whole order.

    All-in-One Cannabis Growing KitAll-in-One Cannabis Growing Kit

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    Rémi L. (verified owner)

    The most simple fertilizer I’ve used, with great results.

    Powder Cannabis Fertilizer Bundle Grow + BloomPowder Cannabis Fertilizer Bundle Grow + Bloom

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    cheryle B. (verified owner)

    very nice people, first class delivery. My girls look fabulous, thankyou.

    Marijuana Grow FertilizerMarijuana Grow Fertilizer

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