Start – Cannabis Soil Conditioner

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Organic compost packed with beneficial living microbes and mycorrhizal spores.

Living soil provides roots a better environment to metabolize nutrients and water.

A few scoops sprinkled around the seedling is all you need, or add it to your soil mix!

Not to be used with hydroponic systems, but works great with coco coir.

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Specialized Cannabis Soil Conditioner

Our Reefertilizerâ„¢ Start formula contains 100% organic and natural ingredients to help promote strong and healthy root growth in clones and young seedlings. Our marijuana soil nutrients can be added to any planting mix improving soil quality and fertility. By adding a mixture of water hyacinth compost and mycorrhizae (a fungus that grows around young roots to help increase water and nutrient uptake) you will help prepare your plant to get the most out of the Reefertilizer cannabis nutrients.

When growing marijuana at home or industrially, your soil composition is vital to a successful harvest. Using a cheap soil low in nutrients will produce weak, listless plants over time. Adding nutrient-rich compost drastically increases soil fertility. Mycorrhizae (often shortened to ‘Myco’) is a beneficial fungus that grows in close symbiosis with cannabis root systems. It helps protect roots from infection while also holding moisture, preventing roots from drying out.

We source only the highest quality organic myco and compost from respected Canadian suppliers. Start soil conditioner is tested to work with all sorts of plants and works amazingly well with cannabis.

250g – 750ml


100% renewable water hyacinth compost
Rhizoglomus irregulare (Mycorrhizae) (2 spores / g)

What is Water Hyacinth?

Water hyacinth is a type of aquatic flower that is native to the amazon basin. It’s one of the fastest growing plants and can double in size in 2 weeks. Because of its fast growth rate, it is considered a very renewable source of compost material. The plant matter is nutrient-rich and provides an amazing organic compost for cannabis plants.

What is Mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae (sometimes called myco) refers to a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and a plant. This fungus grows around root systems greatly expanding their ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. The plant will then supplies the fungus with sugar and other organic materials.


Seed Starter Soil Mix

Our Start compost and myco mixture is designed for young seedlings and clones. We recommend this method because it gives the most benefits early on in the plant’s growth cycle.
By starting your plants off in this soil mixture, you will be speeding up root growth and providing your young plants with a small dose of organic nutrients to get them started off right. The following recipe will make 2L of starter soil, enough to fill four Solo cups or four 4″ pots.

800ml – Potting Soil
400ml – Worm Castings
400ml – Perlite
400ml – Start Soil Conditioner

Mix well!

Root Zone Inoculant

Mycorrhizae works by growing with the root system and improving its ability to absorb water and nutrients. By sprinkling several scoops of Start to the root zone of a transplant, you’re making sure the myco is right there to grow with the roots in the new soil.

Top Dressing

Start can also be used as a top dressing. Sprinkle 4 scoops around the base of your plant before watering. The organic nutrients will slowly breakdown while the mycorrhizae will move through the soil and inoculate the root system. This option is great for people who grow autoflowering cannabis since you can avoid transplanting.

Check out the results that our customers have seen from using Start cannabis soil conditioner in their grow.

What makes Reefertilizer Start different than other soil conditioners?

Our products are designed for cannabis and for ease of use. Start can be added to any type of soil or soilless growing mediums making it more versatile than other products. Many premium potting soils contain small amounts of myco spread out through the medium, roots need to find their way to a myco spore before they can inoculate themselves. By using start as a starter soil, your plants’ roots are inoculated sooner, resulting in faster growth.

Give it a try yourself and see why our customers love using start with their seedlings and clones.

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