Digital TDS, EC, and Temperature Meter


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Digital TDS, EC, and Temperature Meter


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3-in-1 Digital TDS, EC, and Temperature Meter

EC testing range: 0-9999 µS/cm
TDS testing range: 0-4999 ppm
Accuracy: ±2% F.S
Battery:CR2032*1 button cell (not included)
Size: 16.19*2.94*1.59(cm)

Light Alarm Function

Backlight function: green backlight while TDS value <40,red backlight while TDS value>40.

Lock Data

Auto-lock: TDS value stabillizes 4 seconds, the meter will automatically locks readings.

Packing List

1 x TDS-EC Meter 1 x Leather carrying case 1 x English User’s manual

Operation method and application

1. Remove the protective cap. Press ON/OFF button.
2. Immerse the meter into the water/solution height no more than 4cm.
3. Wait until the display stabilizes, the TDS Meter automatically compensates for temperature variations
Once the readout is stabilized(30-45 seconds). TDS value stabilizes in 4 seconds, and will automatically lock readings.
4. After usage, shake off water or wipe it with a tissue.

The platinum electrode design helps ensure accurate and stable EC reading.

The data lock: This meter has a handy value lock function. Press the HOLD key and the instrument automatically locks the current measurement value. Press it again and the instrument returns the measurement mode.


1. How to take care of your TDS/EC Meter?

1. Keep the electrode clean.
2. Do not soak the entire TDS pen into the water.
3. Always close the electrode protective cap when done using.
4. Remove the batteries for long unused periods.
5. Though durable, the TDS meter is an electronic instrument and should be treated with proper care and maintenance.

2. Does it turn off automatically?

The meter will automatically shut down after 2 minutes.

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