pH Buffer Powder Packs


pH Buffer Powder Packs


You should calibrate your pH pen at least once a month with a buffer solution.
These small packets are good for 10 uses each. Dissolve them in a small jar of water to use multiple times.

– Easy to Use
– Long Shelf Life
– Multi-Use

This item ships separately (2-3 week delivery time)

These packages are used to make a buffer solution to calibrate your pH pen. Simply mix them in water, dip in your pH pen, and make your adjustments.

Once you make a solution it can be reused 10 times before you need to throw it out. You can keep this solution in a small mason jar and store it in a cool dark place.

When you order, you will receive 5 of the pH 4 buffer solution packs, and 5 of the pH 6.86 packs.

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