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Super Trio Bundle


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A Complete Package To Get You Started
Reefertilizer’s complete cannabis nutrient combo with a few items to get you started. Our nutrients will provide essential nourrishment for your plants from seed to flower. Easy to mix and simple to use.

Our Powerful Nutrients and More
Keep your pH in check with this easy to use pH pen. Also included are 5 fabric 5 gallon planters, the right size for most indoor grows. Fabric planter also alow your roots to breathe, resulting in healthier and happy plants.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Reefertilizer nutes are producing a noticible, measurable difference.”

  • Johnny – Portland Grower

“For thoses who never tried Reefertilizer products, this stuff is the Bomb!! Service is top notch!!”

  • Kevin – New Brunswick Grower
Kevin Grows Good Cannabis
Russ Grows Good Weed

“Seeing same results as more expensive nutrient kits with the added bonus of not having to mix multiple products.”

  • John – BC Grower

What You Get When You Order This Bundle

Our Amazing Line of Cannabis Nutrients

Reefertilizer Start Cannabis soil conditioner

Reefertilizer Start Soil Conditioner

100% organic mixture of cannabis specific mycorrhizae and a fully renewable compost made from water hyacinth.
Mix a few scoops into the soil for your starter pots to give your seedlings a boost in growth. It can also be sprinkled over your root zone during transplanting to inoculate them with mycorrhizae, allowing roots to better absorb water and nutrients.
Reefertilizer start can also be used as a top dressing, 4 scoops around the base of your plant are enough to feed your plants some helpful organic nutrients from the compost and enjoy the benefits of the mycorrhizae fungi.

Reefertilizer Grow Vegetative Cannabis Fertilizer

Reefertilizer Grow Vegetative Cannabis Fertilizer

Rich in nitrogen, but also contains many micronutrients needed for fast sustained growth for the vegetative phase of cannabis growth.
Nitrogen is used by plants to develop new leaves and strong stems. This is important for this phase of growth so that the plant has a robust structure needed to support buds and provide them plenty of nutrition.

Easy to measure and mix, perfect for beginners and advanced growers alike.

Reefertilizer Bloom Flowering Cannabis Fertilizer

Reefertilizer Bloom Flowering Cannabis Fertilizer

When your cannabis plant starts to flower, it will shift its focus to developping buds. At this point it will also require a different ratio of nutrients that Reefertilizer Bloom will supply.
Phosphorus and potassium along with micronutrients like magnesium and calcium help your plant develop dense flowers rich in THC and terpenes. Our Bloom nutrients are highly concentrated and a little will go a long way.

Fantastic to use with autoflowering plants as well as photo period cannabis.

Some Helpful Equipment to Get You Started

Digital pH Meter Pen

Most problems when growing cannabis come from an improper balance of soil pH. Not keeping the right balance can cause nutrient lock out which then causes nutritional deficiencies.

Keep track of the pH of the water and nutrient solution you feed your plants with a digital pH meter. This digital meter is easy to calibrate so you can be confident your measurements will be accurate everytime.

5 Gallon Fabric Planters (5 pcs)

Fabric planters are far superior thanrun of the mill plastic pots. The fabric allows your roots to get oxygen which is very important to root health.  These planters have sturdy handles so you can easily move your plants around.

When you order you will receive 5x five gallon planters, a great size for most indoor grow setups.

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