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If you run a retail store or a licensed production facility, and are interested in using Reefertilizer, below is our price sheet. Shipping is free on wholesale orders. If you require promotional items, we will include stickers and pamphlets at your request.

Product Name Description Wholesale Price MRSP Min Order Qty
Start Soil Nutrients for Young Clones and Sprouts
150g – 300ml resealable bags
12.50 CAD 24.15 10
Grow Grow Fertilizer for Vegetative Cannabis (20-5-10)
500g – 600ml resealable bags
8.25 CAD 16.45 20
Bloom Bloom Fertilizer for Flowering Cannabis (5-30-20)
500g – 600ml resealable bags
8.75 CAD 17.45 20

All prices are in Canadian dollars

If you would like to make a wholesale order, please use the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible!